url-1The Tanzeem Group passionately believes in unleashing the power of grassroots organizing for progressive change.

This piece was originally posted by Tanzeem organizer Robert Becker on September 2, 2012:

Excerpts from “Field Organizing Matters” by Grassroots Solutions:

IT’S PERSONAL. Studies have shown that election communications that are personally delivered are the most effective. People are most likely to be convinced to vote or to support a candidate or issue by other people they know or relate to. Personal contact from friends, neighbors, and volunteers is more trusted and effective than other campaign tactics – whether that’s at the door, over the phone, or through social media.


IT’S HARD TO IGNORE. While people can skip through TV ads, throw away their direct mail, and scan caller ID to avoid phone calls, they still answer the door. An actual human being on your doorstep is much more memorable and can’t be reduced to white noise the way a TV ad, radio spot or online ad can. And, since they’re not inundated with door-knocks, voters tend not to get as irritated by canvassers as they can be by other communications.



If you are a progressive candidate committed to the principles of dignity or an organization wanting to advocate for positive change in people’s lives, The Tanzeem Group is ready to help you build your grassroots political power. We want to revolutionize how campaigns are waged – and won.

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