imagesLast year @TanzeemGroup was honored to play a small strategic role in helping our friend Lina Srivastava with her advocacy work on the film Who is Dayani Cristal?

And we love this article >

HUSTLER HIGHLIGHT: Lina Srivastava. Where activism and social media collide to create real change…


… Transmedia producer and founder Lina Srivastava is working to bridge the gap between social media and social transformation… In 2013, Srivastava partnered with the director Marc Silver to design a social impact strategy for the documentary Who is Dayani Cristal. The film, which starred Gael Garcia Bernal, traced the journey of a Honduran migrant, Cristal, who died in the Arizona desert.


The documentary garnered critical acclaim, played high-profile festivals and picked up an award for best cinematography at Sundance. The two leveraged the resulting digital engagement to help citizens in Honduras gain access potable water and rebuild a school…


… “One hashtag is not going to change the world, it’s a collective response that we need to be investing in,” Srivastava said…

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